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Different Levels


Different rooms!


Amazing new Items!


Adorable Cartoon 3D Graphics

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What's so cool on this new baby?

Discover the most realistic virtual baby.

Baby has to be attended as if he was your own real baby. His responsive body changes as you feed him and gestures will change as well according to his happiness, health, and hungry, in an environment designed with colorful 3D cartoon graphics.

Golden stars will be received rewarding you every time you take care of Liam, which can be used to achieve all kinds of things like food, clothing, or toys to make the game more interesting and  personalizable. Liam always appears at the center of the screen and the different options that you have for interacting with him are placed on left side of the screen while on the right side you have the potential items you can get.




It's time for a bath!

Before bath time, let's have fun popping soap bubbles.choose a few funny sponges  make the baby jump for joy. Then go to the changing room and  wipe him softly with a towel.

What is that smell?.

Change a diaper immediately if you see some radioactive gas getting out of his diaper, choose a beautiful one!

Dress up little babies.

You can choose from a variety of cute outfits and costumes. Combine colorful panties, sweaters and comfortable shoes.


Babies need a delicious meal several times a day. Be sure you give him different kind of meals so he grows healthy.


Baby is tired and sleepy after so much playing. Give him a good night's sleep and turn the light off.

Get some toys in the playroom!

Toys are amazing for entertaining the baby and boost his imagination


  • Responsive body changes: The shape of the baby will change as you feed him, he will get fat, or skinny if you failure to feed him well.
  • Colorful 3D cartoon graphics that’s matched with an engaging soundtrack for users young and old.
  • Easy controls: Gamers simply mark the direction of the move with one finger
  • Modern twist to classic gaming: Users need take care of the baby in a balanced way. And they will observe changes according to them.
  • Modern simulation: Users need take care of the baby in a balanced way and they will observe changes in real time according to them.
  • Optimization: The app is compatible with tablets device in addition to smartphones.

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