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Alima Studios is started with Alima’s Baby in 2014, since then we learned and improved by making games for everyone. Using creative learning tools, games, and a sense of humor, Life simulation games prepare kids for the future. We create games that help children develop problem-solving skills. Games are made for kids! The joy and feedback they provide make them part of the team. We decided to create games with more features. We will keep you up-to-date with the latest by creating new experiences that you will enjoy like the nurturing parenting experience that you couldn’t find in any other game. We provide fun and enjoyment for people of all ages!

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide fun to the players and improve their interactions as well as their bond with the babies. With this easy-to-learn gameplay, anyone can experience the joy and happiness of raising a virtual baby. What is more, our tools are much interactive and creative you can see right from the start. All the actions using on the screen are very intuitive and we don’t expect you to read the manual before playing. At Alima Studios, we care about kids and their well-being very much. We want them to enjoy playing with our game in a safe environment with no risk of encountering any inappropriate content. Therefore, we design all of our games in such a way that they will be suitable for every age group.

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